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  • Are my tickets refundable?
    No. Your Let's Imagine 2- Hour Play Passes are non-refundable.
  • Is everyone required to socks?
    All children are required to wear socks. Adults are required if you will be playing within our play structure or walking around within our toddler area.
  • Can I just drop my children off and come back later?
    No. Let's Imagine is not a drop off facility. Parent/Guardian supervision is required at all times.
  • What ages is Let's Imagine geared towards?
    Our facility is geared for children 6 months - 6 years. However, parents and older siblings are allowed up into the play structure to play.
  • Can I bring in outside food?
    Outside food and drink IS ALLOWED, however, we do not allow any cupcakes or any food with frosting outside of our party rooms.
  • Do I have to reserve a party room to have a birthday party?
    Yes. You will not be allowed to have a birthday party outside of one of our party rooms. You can reserve a party time here.
  • Do you sell giftcards?
    Yes. You can purchase an electronic gift card online here or you can purchase a physical gift card in our shop. *gift cards cannot be transferred or exchanged for cash*
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